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Part disciplined craftsman, part warehouser of beautiful things, I've learned that a well upholstered piece of furniture, like a great bag, repays you time and time again

While upholstering, a girl’s mind can wonder to what else in her life could do with a soft, strokeable cover..and did I mention the olive suede lining?

If you’re looking for custom-crafted, have a colour of leather in mind, an outfit you want a bag to match, or a bag you want your IT to match, then welcome to bespoke.

Sometimes what the shops want you to buy just doesn’t cut the mustard, or comes with a luxury brand deal breaker price tag. To call your own shots, get in touch.

shagreen clutch




jade bag    

Cowhide cover with brass lock

Printed snake effect leather pouch – perfect for phone, cards and keys

Laptop bag in olive leather with chain/leather strap combo.

Whether it’s somewhere to file the chapters for your whistleblowing blockbuster,  a journal for your piles of recipes, or correspondence from a lover, this buffalo hide journal will make keeping things in one tidy place all the more exciting..available in hot pink, or black/white stingray print cowhide

 A simple classic ‘Maggie T’ blue pouch in the softest nappa

 The first bag I was commissioned to make, a reversible tote in Paul Smith’s Gainsborough stripe

creamy grey/tomato medium pouch, removable cross body adjustable strap




Traditional or modern rehauls, be it family castoff, online find, or holiday souvenir. I upholster, recover, patch up, or design from scratch.


Get organised with custom crafted sleek leather accessories. Every day seems a little easier with an organised bag, work journal, bookcover, or technology protection. Great as gifts or just for you.


Headboards, cushions, blinds, and bedthrows: coordinate the home you dream of and have fun with colour and texture.
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