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Part disciplined craftsman, part warehouser of beautiful things, I've learned that a well upholstered piece of furniture, like a great bag, repays you time and time again

A new perch

So I got married. And lucky husband got some stools. You didn’t think I’d give him something non-furniture related did you?

It’s what married people do isn’t it – perch on stools in the kitchen, eat supper, drink the rest of the wedding wine and enjoy not having to plan a wedding any more?

Big thanks to Adam at Retrouvius for salavaging these from the V&A for me. I spent a few hours sandblasting the legs back down to their bare naked selves, built up the pads and then wrapped some soft squidgy leather round the tops. 


hubby clearly loving new stools…


and before… 

If you have a salavaged find that you think is ripe for re-invention, drop me an email


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