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Part disciplined craftsman, part warehouser of beautiful things, I've learned that a well upholstered piece of furniture, like a great bag, repays you time and time again

Approach the bench please counsel

A commission challenge from a friend who had 1.5 m of a great fresh brown and white geometric linen. Not to be confused with..

The solution:  an upholstered bench with a hinged top for storage inside.

For the frame, I went with a joinery I happened upon when looking for materials. I felt their workshop had enough interesting stuff going on for me to give them a see more things to sit on click here

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Traditional or modern rehauls, be it family castoff, online find, or holiday souvenir. I upholster, recover, patch up, or design from scratch.


Get organised with custom crafted sleek leather accessories. Every day seems a little easier with an organised bag, work journal, bookcover, or technology protection. Great as gifts or just for you.


Headboards, cushions, blinds, and bedthrows: coordinate the home you dream of and have fun with colour and texture.
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