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Part disciplined craftsman, part warehouser of beautiful things, I've learned that a well upholstered piece of furniture, like a great bag, repays you time and time again

One of the great joys of life is arriving home and having a BIG relax. A cosy chair, a plump sofa or a soft headboard to lean on in bed. Creating that place doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and in these times it often means working with what you’ve already got.

If it’s time for a fresh look or you’ve been meaning to get round to a particular room,  allow me to listen and look then offer a stylish selection of recover options, or a simple bespoke piece that’s right for your home and budget. With no shop overheads, and no VAT, you’ll find there are great deals to be had. Read more here

Latest Products


Traditional or modern rehauls, be it family castoff, online find, or holiday souvenir. I upholster, recover, patch up, or design from scratch.


Get organised with custom crafted sleek leather accessories. Every day seems a little easier with an organised bag, work journal, bookcover, or technology protection. Great as gifts or just for you.


Headboards, cushions, blinds, and bedthrows: coordinate the home you dream of and have fun with colour and texture.
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